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Great idea? What next? Are you looking for trustworthy help to get your invention developed, patented and on the market? We know how you feel; we have been right there! Now, as successful inventors, we help you to find success without being scammed by invention promoters. Developing, protecting and marketing can be confusing, but we are here with answers!

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  • Answers to the most popular invention questions we are asked here and in public. Everyday we get hundreds of emails from people who want to get started inventing. We provide our answers on this website.

  • Inventing Resources to help you get started. We have tried to provide our recommendations for inventing books, and invention services we believe will help you. Don't miss our book page! We list books and help that could make the difference between getting your product to market or not.

  • Solid inventing advice on how to bring your invention to market. There are dozens of different ways to bring your invention from idea to reality. We are here to help you accomplish that goal.

  • Inventing News and Information in the Invention Industry. On this site you will find the latest information of interest to independent inventors. As new information comes to our attention we will pass it along.







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