“Our beliefs about what we are and what we can be precisely determine what we will be.” - Anthony Robbins

“If you think you can, or you think you can’t…you’re probably right.” - Henry Ford

We are sisters and co-inventors of Ghostline ®, the poster board with the “ghosted” grid that eliminates the need to measure and draw lines before beginning a poster project. Ghostline ® sales, which top nearly $15 million per year, can be found in all major discount and drug outlets as well as catalogs that sell directly to schools. We have been truly blessed to have invented Ghostline ®. It is our greatest desire to mentor other first-time inventors so that they can experience the same satisfaction and success we enjoy.  This website was created to help us in those efforts.
We were not always experts at inventing. Before we invented Ghostline ® we had no previous inventing experience. We were both moms holding down full-time jobs. We are proof that inventing is possible for anyone who has a great idea and is committed to seeing it through.

Biographical Information
Barbara Russell Pitts and Mary Russell Sarao are co-authors of The Everything Inventions and Patents Book and Inventing on a Shoestring Budget. Both sisters served on the Board of Directors of the Texas Inventors' Association for 17 years and co-authored a column, Two for the Money, in Inventors Digest Magazine.

They have been awarded United States and Canadian patents on their invention, Ghostline ®. In 2001 they were featured inventors in the documentary, The Big Idea. Their photos were featured in posters that were displayed in libraries nationwide in August, 2004 in recognition of National Inventor’s Month. In 2005 they were both judges of a national inventor’s contest co-sponsored by Procter and Gamble.

Both are Oklahoma natives who now live in the Dallas, TX area.

  • Barbara has a background in personnel and charitable organizations and is the mother of one daughter. Since her father and brother are patent-holders in addition to the patents held by herself and her sister, Barbara feels that creativity is a family affair. Spending her time working with her sister and reaching out to fellow inventors is the fulfillment of her dream job.

  • Mary is a former schoolteacher and the mother of two daughters. Her innovative way of thinking goes back to her early childhood when she invented the toys that she wanted but didn't have. Throughout her growing up years, Mary was a 'problem solver' whose friends sought her out for solutions. She has always been involved in finding ways to make the world around her better.

Our Story
Once upon a time, long ago . . . (1994) in a faraway land . . . (Dallas, Texas) there lived a fair young princess whose name was Valerie. Now Valerie had been assigned by her teacher to make two posters and bring them to school with her the next day. (Even princesses had to do homework assignments!)

As was her habit, Princess Valerie appealed to her mother, Queen Mary, to help her by preparing the poster boards. For in those days, poster boards throughout the kingdom were very primitive with no guide lines at all! Those who created posters without first measuring and drawing light pencil lines had lettering that ran uphill or downhill. So, the queen stayed up late preparing two poster boards with a fine pencil grid so that the young princess could create beautiful posters.

Alas! Just when the queen had almost finished the second poster board, the princess let out a cry of dismay! She had misjudged her spacing and spoiled the first board. Now the queen had to start all over and prepare yet another poster board for her. The queen missed the entire Jay Leno show while preparing the boards for the princess.

Upon finishing the grid on the last poster board, the queen retired to her chamber and fell into a deep sleep. In the middle of the night, she was jolted awake by a vivid dream. In her dream, Queen Mary saw a poster board with a “ghosted” grid printed upon it. “Why haven’t I thought of this before?” she cried. “This is the answer!”

Early the next day, the queen called upon her sister, Princess Barbara, who lived in the same kingdom. “We must invent this poster board,” she said.  “Every man, woman and child in the kingdom needs it. We shall call it “Ghostline ®.” Her sister agreed, and they set off together to invent this wonderful new poster board. When Ghostline® poster board was presented; all the subjects in the kingdom came out to see it for it was “magic!” The lines were clearly visible, allowing even small children to create beautiful posters all by themselves. But, once the drawing or lettering was on the board, the lines seemed to disappear! Ghostline® was soon presented in different sizes, colors and on foam boards, project boards and make-a-poster kits. It was decreed that all other poster board would now be obsolete.

Queen Mary, her sister, Princess Barbara and all the loyal subjects in the kingdom lived happily ever after with Ghostline®, the poster board that takes work out of making posters.

Ghostline ® - The Poster Board With The “GHOSTED” Grid
Among those who most dread making posters are students and their parents. Until now, in order to prepare the poster board, they had the tedious and time-consuming task of measuring and drawing faint pencil-lines before beginning their projects. The alternative was a poster where the lines went uphill or downhill. Now, however, students can get a great result every time by using Ghostline ®, the poster board with the “ghosted” grid. The lines are easy to see at writing distance but seem to disappear once there is lettering or drawing on the board.

“The idea for Ghostline ® came to me out of necessity,” says Dallas inventor, Mary Sarao. “I actually dreamed it one night after spending half the night measuring and drawing lines on poster board for my daughter, Valerie. After I spent 30 minutes preparing one board for her, she misjudged her spacing and spoiled the poster, causing me to have to start all over preparing another one.”

Clay Presley, president of Carolina Pad and Paper International, states, “Ghostline ® is the most revolutionary idea in school and art supplies in 25 years. We were thrilled to get the exclusive rights to this unique patented process. We now offer Ghostline ® on standard sizes of white and colored poster board, plus project board and make-a-poster kits.”

Ghostline ® is now available in major drug and discount chain stores. For more information, contact Carolina Pad and Paper International. (704) 588-3190.

Additional Biographical Information:

Sisters Barbara Russell Pitts and Mary Russell Sarao are co-authors of The Everything Inventions and Patents Book, which was published in December 2005 by Adams Media, Inventing on a Shoestring Budget, which was first published in 2006 with a new updated and revised edition released in 2012 and Mailbox Money!  A Step-by-Step Guide to Licensing your Invention for Royalties, which was published September 2012. Barbara has written for the United Inventors’ Association Newsletter and the Ask the Inventors website, www.asktheinventors.com, an information service they offer at no charge for inventors. Mary has written two popular e-books, “Super Easy Guide to Step-by-Step Patent Searching Online” and “Create a Compelling Presentation for your Invention,” that are offered without cost to visitors to their website, www.asktheinventors.com. She has also written for that website and for the Texas Inventors’ Association Website, www.txinventors.com.
Successful inventors and recognized experts on the subject, Barbara and Mary have lectured extensively on the different areas of inventing and marketing at seminars, workshops and organizations around the country as well as appearing on radio and television talk shows. In 2001, they were featured inventors in the documentary film, “The Big Idea.”
Barbara has served as a past president of the Texas Inventors' Association and she served on the Board of Directors of the Texas Inventors' Association for 17 years. Mary is a past president and also served on the Board of Directors of the Texas Inventors' Association for 17 years. In July 2003 and again in January 2006 Barbara and Mary were the subject of articles in the Dallas Morning News about their passion for assisting novice inventors. The first article was picked up by the wire services and carried in newspapers nationwide.  The sisters have been written about in books by other authors on inventing.  Some of these are The 12 Amazing Secrets of Millionaire Inventors, by Harvey Reese, The Right Sisters, by Julia Rhodes, and Hardcore Inventing, by Ellie Crowe.
Their first invention, Ghostline®, has sold retail in excess of $300 million dollars since it was licensed in 1996.
Both are native Oklahomans who now live in the Dallas, Texas area.

Where To Buy Ghostline ®
This is a partial listing of stores where you can find Ghostline ®

Alaska Housewares Dollar Dan’s Discount Joey’z Shopping Spree Meijer's
Biggs Hypermarkets Double Discount Stores Kerr Drug Stores Peck's Stationery
Binkley Stores Drug World Pharmacies Kinney Drugs Piggly Wiggly
B-Mart Eakes Office Supply K-Mart Publix Supermarkets
Bobby’s Department Stores Fred Meyer Stores Kroger Shopko Stores
Brame School Products Hannaford Supermarkets Long’s Drug Stores Spartan Stores
Brooks Pharmacy Harris Teeter Supermarkets Lowes Supermarkets Toys R Us
Brookshire Grocery Hobby Lobby M & S Bargain Hunters USA Drugs
CVS Pharmacies Ingles Supermarkets Mays Drugs Wal-Mart
Discount Drug Mart Jerrick’s McWhorters Stationers Walgreens